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Invest in Blueberries in Serbia

Why to invest in blueberry in Serbia? 

Blueberry in Serbia has a season in June! 

Why is that important? 

The EU market has a blueberry in May from Spain, July from Poland, Austria and Germany, but there is no large production in June and of course there is not enough fresh blueberries on the market! 

Excellent price for fresh blueberries in June is the reason whay YOU WOULD LIKE TO INVEST IN BLUEBERRY IN SERBIA! 

If you want to invest in 10+ hectares of blueberries, it is necessary to have an expert team behind you, in this very specific area, to manage your investment in Serbia.

If your project is to raise 10+ hectares of blueberry plantation:

1. we can organize all phases of the project or

2. we can provide monitoring of your project ;


Our Project Management Unit (PMU) has following teams:


The Legal Team is in charge for property-legal transactions, business and technical cooperation with suppliers / service providers. All is carried out in accordance with domestic regulation to protect your interests and investment.

Head of team: Sanja


Operational team is in charge for proper using of resources in order to achieve the goal. During the planting and raising blueberries plantation operational support is provided by this team.

Head of team: Luka


Logistics team is in charge for: 

- Collection of bids; 

- Comparative analysis of submitted bids; 

- Ordering and delivering of goods; 

- Quantitative and qualitative control of delivering goods.

Head of team: Janko


Monitoring team provides supervision and consultation activites during the implementation of the project. The head of the team is responsible for weekly meetings and Progress reporting. 

Where necessary we have a team of certified appraisers in agricultural, construction and economic professions.

Head of team: Nenad


Ipard team is in charge for: 

- Programming and analysis of documentation; 

- Project development; 

- Making Application and submitting of all relevant documentation; 

- Compliance Monitoring and reporting.

Head of team: Dejan

For more information you can contact our team HERE.