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Blueberry seedlings

Our offer of blueberry seedling includes high quality blueberry seedlings of deferent varieties: Duke, Spartan, Patriot, Bluecrop, Chandler, Eliot, Jersey etc.

For selection of planting material, it is necessary to consider several factors like altitude, micro site, planting system ... In the long term, due to make the best decision, selection of the best variety of blueberries for each particular situation is very important. 

For more information, contact our team HERE.

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Agrotextile bags/containers

Blueberry Club can offer Agrotextile bags/containers for planting blueberries of different volumes and different sizes.

We want to highlite that ourl Agrotextile bags/containers are made from very quality materials and designed for particular needs.

Material: Polypropylene

UV stabilization: Yes

Color: black, green, white 

For more information, please contact us HERE.

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Blueberry Substrate

The Blueberry Substrate contains:
- the best quality peat
- coconut fiber
- perlite
Ph in water 4.6
Packaging: bale 6000 lit per pallet

Blueberry substrate is the best solution for planting blueberry seedlings!
Ingredients such as sawdust and other ingredients should not be added to the Blueberry Substrate.

For more information, contact our team 


Blueberry Planting Technology into Agrotextile bags

Blueberry Planting Technology of blueberry seedlings in Agrotextile bags which are filled with the Blueberry substrate is the most modern blueberry planting system and provides maximum efficiency and best results. 

This way of planting allows for a larger number of plants to be planted on 1 ha than in a conventional planting system. In this system is possible to plant about 5,000 pieces per 1ha, with the idea that plants are projected to give about 3 kg of fresh blueberries in the third year from planting period which comes to the expected yield of about 15t of premium blueberries.

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Blueberry Planting Technology in the bads

The technology of planting blueberry seedlings in a bank in Serbia is possible in way that banks are formed first and then holes are dug, which are later filled with the mixture in which the blueberry seedling is planted. 

Bank can provide good soil fertility, even in a situation when water is retained on the soil, the bank will allow the root of the plant to be above water. Prior to making bank, it is necessary to prepare the land (undermining, plowing, plating ...). After land preparation, a bank must be formed by a bank-making machine that collects the land and forms a bank.

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Blueberry Planting Technology in the trench

This planting system requires soil preparation and filling trench with a mixture of sawdust / sawdust and peat. The disadvantage of this way of planting is that a very large quantity of mixture is required for the realization - up to 1000m3 per hectare. Also, by the flow of time, a large loss of mixture occurs, so it is necessary to add 200-300 m3 every 2-3 years. 

If this planting technology is applied, a particular emphasis must be placed on maintaining plantation in the sense of removing of weeds. One way for solving this problem is using agro-textile which has a UV stabilizer for a longer lifetime.


Blueberry Planting Technology in the holes

The technology of planting blueberry seedlings in holes is similar to planting of blueberry seedlings in bank. The holes are digging directly in the soil that has to be prepared with perfect drenage to protect blueberries from overwatering. After digging, the holes are filled with a mixture of sawdust / sawdust and peat to prepare for planting blueberry seedlings. 

The disadvantage of this planting system is that the mixture in which plants are planted over time is losing, mouses and moles can make it worse, too. Also, attention must be paid to removing of weeds that divert nutrients and slowing down growing of plants.

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Support for raising blueberry plantations

If you are preparing to raise blueberry farm, it is very important that you get to quality information!

Our expert team can help you with: 
- all the stages of the project preparation for raising blueberry farm; 
- dynamics of activities; 
- the possibility of using state subsidies or IPARD/EU fands 
- estimation of the optimal planting system for a specific location; 
- monitoring of implementation of your project.
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Monitor blueberry plantations

Blueberry Club also can offer Monitoring of your Blubeberry Plantation, which can include: 

- development of Programs for Blueberry Protection from Diseases ,

 - development of Programs for Plant Nutrition, 

- demonstration of pruning tehnology; 

- sea- sighting of your plantation; 

- taking samples of soil / substrate, make analysis and reporting.


For more information, contact our team HERE.

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State subsidies

State subsidies for planting blueberry seedlings is possible in accordance with The Rulebook on incentives of the Republic of Serbia. It provides incentives for raising new blueberry farm – blueberry seedlings in the amount of up to 2.000.000 dinars / around 17.000 EUR 

According to the Rulebook, the number of blueberry seedlings per hectare is acceptable:

 Blueberry planting system in Agrotextile bags/containers with Blueberry substrate: The minimum number of plants is 4,100, and the maximum number of plants is 5,600 

Planting system in the land:

The minimum number of plants is 2,200, and the maximum number of plants is 3,500 

Also, there is the possibility of incentives for the preparation of the land, the purchase of a certified Substrate for the planting blueberries seedlings in agrotextil bags or pots - 200,000 dinars /1.680 EUR.

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IPARD is an EU pre-accession assistance tool in the field of rural development, aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of the food production and processing sector, which in turn helps to gradually adapt to the established EU standards in the areas of food, hygiene, veterinary, environmental protection and diversification of the rural economy. 

Possible Programs for implement are related to: 

Measure 1 (M1) - Investments in the property of agricultural holdings

Measure 3 (M3) - Investments in assets relating to the processing and marketing of agricultural products and fishery products. 

Blueberry Club has formed the Blueberry Ipard Team, which can provide fully support  in all IPARD phases,  from Project Design through the preparation and submission of the application to Monitoring of implementation of the project and making the necessary reports as well.

For more information contact our Blueberry Ipard Team HERE!

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